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CPRC on WVON in Chicago to discuss racial issues and crime

Maya Akai had John Lott on WVON, the big black talk radio station in Chicago, to discuss racial profiling in law enforcement, Ferguson, and affirmative action in police departments. It was a very lively program. The audio is available here.

The Explosion in Insider Trading cases and Penalties under the Obama Administration

Original data available here.  The number of insider trading cases increased from 6 a year under President George W. Bush to 15 a year under President Obama.  The big increase in cases under Obama didn’t come until 2011, which isn’t surprising as it takes some time after a case is brought before a sentence is…

Bakersfield, California Vice Principal shows that concealed carry permit holders can legally carry guns on school property

This story won’t be a surprise for those who have followed the CPRC (or here).  In California, concealed carry permit holders are allowed to carry on school property if they have approval of the school superintendent, which it would be too surprising for Vice Principal to obtain.  From KBAK/KBFX in Bakersfield, California: A Tevis Junior High School…

Bloomberg’s groups continue to push to ban guns in businesses

Bloomberg’s groups have been pushing for sometime to get businesses to ban guns in their facilities.  On Monday, Panera Bread announced that it was asking customers not to bring guns to its restaurants” ((314) 984-1000).  But much of the media coverage has been misleading and simply asking people not to bring their guns with them…

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